Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Magic Milk Experiment

Magic Milk

Magic milk is a colourful experiment that  you can make anytime anywhere.
But before you experience the wonders of magic milk, you need to pour the milk into the plate. The maximum amount of milk would be when you get to the edge of the dip.

Once you have poured your milk, you can put a couple drops of the food colouring (Primary colours) into the plate (also put the colours into separate areas.)
As soon as you’ve done all the little things, all you need to do is place the cotton bud with dishwashing liquid into the milk, and let the magic begin!

When the dishwashing liquid reaches the milk, the colours and fat molecules in the milk writhe around each other trying to get to somewhere where the cotton bud is not.This is because these two molecules can not bind together, the only thing that the molecules can do, is run away from each other. And after all that satisfaction, you can end the day knowing about the wonders of magic milk.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

April Fools Day Vocabulary Word Search

WALT: Extend our Vocabulary

Today we had to complete a task that included both vocab and good eye sight. We did a word search! I had to find all different types of vocab that we had to find.
It was hard, but I managed to complete it.

Monday, 1 April 2019

April Fools Day comprehension work

Today I was reading this article and I also had to complete the questions. I have not put the questions and answers on this page because  Mrs Madden wouldn't want people copying my work.

The Links for the videos are here:

Pi Day Comprehension Work

Today I had to answer questions that were involved with pi day here is a photo of my work and the article.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Below Zero - Chapter Summary

Chapter 1 - Three days ago

In chapter one the author introduces the main headquarters where they call it Outpost
Zero. A girl called Sofia Doez her age is 14, she is the youngest agent on the job and
she is desperate to find out what the BioMesa guys were doing at The Chasm.
Sofia also has been living in Antarctica with her Mum, Dad and her little brother
Pablo for Two months.

Chapter 2 - Now

In chapter two the author introduces seven new characters, Zac and his sister May,
Dima, Mum, Dad, and of course the good old Grandma and Grandad. In this chapter
the fuel of the aircraft that they are in runs out and they believe that they will be able
to land but they won’t have enough fuel to fly back home.
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Thursday, 7 March 2019

What good maths group work looks like

I personally think that good math is when you communicate with your group as well
as encouraging anyone in your class to keep one going until they finally get an answer
that everyone can agree on.

For example if a teacher on anyone related to school or work were to come into
the classroom and see that our class is chit chatting about non school related things,
arguing about nonsense  and the groups doing their own thing that would not be good
work. But if they were to come in and see the groups communicating and asking for
other pairs opinion, independent learners with their heads down, and the only kind of
arguing that should be going on is mathematical arguing.

Everyone else in my class will have a photo of them doing group work with a game,
but I was taking the photos so that means that I will not be in any o f the photos
unless I find one.

I figured that this one would be a good photo plus I am in it see, look at my fingers.